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Welcome to my portfolio!

I am a recent grad currently working as an Associate Producer for Disney's Playdom. For the past year I have specialized in managing live operations for the critically acclaimed "Gardens of Time." During my time on the project Gardens of Time won "Best Social Network Game" from GDC Online and "Most Popular Game in 2011" from Facebook. I began at Playdom facilitating and organizing content production and eventually graduated to designing and producing new features for the game. Using a combination of data analysis, best practices and proven mechanics, my designs have increased important metrics for the game including monetization, virality and retention.

I excel in communicating vision and managing projects. Before starting at Disney I completed my Master's in Digital Media, factilitating and designing on projects for Ubisoft, Microsoft and Cirque du Soleilís One Drop Foundation. With a background in Theatre Direction and Production combined with my recent work in mobile and social games, my strengths lie in finding creative solutions, crafting organized plans and detailed execution. I am an effective leader and communicator who enjoys collaborating with engineers, artists, designers and directors.

I am passionate about games and their great potential to tell dynamic stories and provoke change. I am always interested in exciting opportunities, in the video game or cg entertainment industry.

Interested? Contact me!

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Current Role

Associate Producer - Gardens of Time from Disney's Playdom

Best Social Network Game Award - GDC Online 2011

Most Popular Game of 2011 - Facebook

Recent Projects

Ubisoft - Pwny Arcade

Microsoft - Banana Samurai

Microsoft - Nom Nom Rider

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